Our lab’s Github page:


Open-source/free software:

  • SimVascular: A comprehensive software from medical image data to patient-specific blood flow simulation.
  • Vascular Modeling Toolkit (VMTK): A collection of Python libraries for image-based modeling of blood vessels.
  • FEniCS: A flexible finite element method (FEM) platform for solving arbitrary PDEs using a Python interface.
  • The Visualization Toolkit (VTK): A collection of C++ libraries for visualization and post-processing of a wide range of data. VTK libraries are available in Python, providing powerful and efficient post-processing of different types of computational data.
  • ParaView: A powerful VTK based visualization/post-processing software.
  • VolView: Medical image data visualization.
  • OpenFlipper: Processing mesh data.
  • Meshmixer: Processing triangle surface mesh data.
  • FreeCAD: Scriptable 3D CAD modeler.
  • FlowVC:  Lagrangian processing of velocity data. FTLE, particle residence time, particle tracking, ..

Useful online lectures: