APS DFD conference: back to in-person!

Dr. Arzani, Maryam, and Mostafa will present their work at APS DFD conference. Dr. Arzani is part of the organizing committee (abstract sorting and in charge of assigning session chairs) and will chair the “Biological Fluid Dynamics: Data-driven Hemodynamics” session. This is a new session at APS that we created for the first time due to the growing interest in using data science and machine learning in blood flow modeling. Nov 21-23 Phoenix, AZ.

New NSF grant

We have received a new Collaborative NSF grant (ECCS-Comms Circuits & Sens Sys Program) to support our scientific machine learning research. Specifically, we will be enhancing 4D flow MRI data by data assimilation, deep learning, and image processing. In collaboration with Roshan D’Souza at UW-Milwaukee (NAU PI: Amir Arzani; UWM PI: Roshan D’Souza). Thanks NSF!

SB3C + USNCCM conferences

Summer Biomechanics, Bioengineering, and Biotransport (SB3C):

Sara will present her work titled “Role of coherent structures in airflow mediated infectious disease spread with expiratory particles”, and MohammadReza will present his work titled “Aortic valve dynamics coupled with growth and remodeling due to aging and calcification”. Dr. Arzani will co-chair the “Patient Specific Flow and Physiology II” session.

U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM):

Dr. Arzani will present his work titled “Hybrid Physics-based and Data-driven Modeling of Near-wall Blood Flow with Physics-Informed Neural Networks”. The recorded talk could be accessed here:

Ali’s graduation

Ali defended his MS thesis. He published three first-author journal papers, presented at multiple conferences, and contributed to other projects in our lab. He has got three fellowships (UC Berkeley, Michigan, UIUC). Ali will join University of Michigan to do his PhD in data-driven modeling in fluid mechanics. He also won NAU’s 2020 Grad College Graduate Research Assistant Award ($1000).

Ali’s goodbye lunch. Photo taken right before the pandemic!